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XES Certification Process

On Monday September 11th, 2017, the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining has approved of the following process to use for obtaining a XES Certification for a tool.

  1. The vendor of the tool creates a report that (1) clearly states which certification level are requested by the vendor and (2) shows that the tool indeed supports these levels. A template for the report is available as PDF (PDF, 1,364 KB) and as Word file (DOCX, 3,497 KB). In this template, the TODOs need to be filled in by the vendor. To test the import of a tool, a set of XES logs (ZIP archive, 53,404 KB) is available. The tool should not crash when importing the real-life logs, and should show that the attributes are imported correctly for the artificial logs.
  2. When the report is finished, the vendor contacts the representative of the XES WG, which is typically the secretary, Eric Verbeek. Together, they make an appointment during which the vendor shows that the finished report is genuine. Preferably, this is though a live demo, but a screencast is also acceptable.
  3. When the report indeed supports the requested XES certification levels, the representative of the XES WG starts a round for approval in the XES WG to have the report approved. This round takes two weeks.
  4. When the report has been approved by the XES WG, the report is published on the site of the IEEE Task Force, and the certification levels are granted to the tool. The representative of the WG will inform the vendor about this.